Prayer Wall


Blessed Virgin Mary,

Thank you for being our Mother. Thank you for leading us to your son, Jesus Christ. You who have suffered so much during His agony and rejoiced in His resurrection, understand how it feels to go through the dusks and dawns of life. Through your intercession, we offer our petitions to God, the Almighty Father. May our prayers for each other be heard and answered. May we accept His will with humble hearts and remain thankful for all that we have been given. Amen.

(Please use the Reply Box below to post your petitions.)

15 thoughts on “Prayer Wall”

  1. For those who are praying the Divine Mercy Novena, in anticipation for Divine Mercy Sunday, may they be steadfast in their prayers and receive the mercy they so deeply need.


  2. I’m very glad this type of prayer group exists may God and the Blessed Virgin Mary bless your advocacy. Also, I would like to request to pray for me and my wife to have a baby. Prayers move mountains and God Bless.


    1. Heavenly Father, Through the Intercession of Our Blessed Mother, we offer you our prayers for Rex and his wife. May you bless them and hear the wishes of their hearts. Amen.


  3. Please pray for expectant mothers especially for those with high risk pregnancies. May our Blessed Mother strengthen them. Let’s pray for their safe deliveries and good health for both mother and baby.


  4. Please pray for the safe return of Neo, a 15 year old Filipino boy who is missing in Dubai. Blessed Mother please cover him with your mantle of protection.


  5. Dear Jesus and Mama Mary
    Pls help those who have asked for prayers for their intentions.
    May i ask for prayers for my and my husband’s good health


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