MMP Cenacle led by Moms for Mary

Please follow the link below to join in an MMP Cenacle led by Moms for Mary.  After the video, you will find the Blessed Mother’s Message from the Blue Book (To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons). We ask you that join us every Monday at 9 am EST for an Online Group Cenacle.

Please note that only two people are required to begin a Cenacle. If you are unable to join us during our online gathering, please do not hesitate to pray with the video, with a family member, or a friend whenever your schedule permits. With our growing prayer community of people from all over the world, you will never be alone in prayer. Mama Mary will make sure of that!

The video will be available anytime during the week until the following Monday.

We encourage you to post your reflection on the comment section below.  Let us unite in prayer. Immaculate Heart of Mary, Pray for us!

Online Cenacle – October 29, 2018

Message 177
San Miguel (Azores); June 23, 1979
Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
My Immaculate Heart
a “Even in this remote archipelago you see my wonders. Today, from every part of the world, I am gathering you all into my Immaculate Heart. It is the refuge which your heavenly Mother has prepared for you.
b Here, you shall be safe from every danger, and at the moment of the storm, you will find peace.
c Here, you will be formed by me according to the plan which the Heart of my Son Jesus has entrusted to me. Thus each one of you will be helped by me to carry out in a prefect manner the divine Will alone.
d Here, I will give your hearts the capacity of love of my Immaculate Heart, and thus you will be formed in pure love for God and neighbor.
e Here, each day I beget you to your true life: that of the divine Grace with which my Son has filled me, in view also of my motherly function on your behalf.
f I am nourishing you, my beloved children, with this most pure milk, and clothing you with all my virtues.I am forming you interiorly and transforming you, because I am sharing with you my beauty and reproducing you in my image.
g Thus your life is becoming daily more conformable to my motherly plan, and the Most Holy Trinity can reflect its light in you and receive greater glory.
h My time has now come: this extraordinary intervention of mine must be clearly recognized by all.
i Therefore it is my desire that the feast of my Immaculate Heart be once again celebrated throughout the Church, with the devotion and liturgical solemnity that had once been determined by the Vicar of my Son when times were very tempestuous.
j Today, everything is becoming worse and plunging headlong toward a most painful ending.
k And so it must be apparent to the Church what that refuge is which I, the Mother, have prepared for all: my Immaculate Heart.
l With the Holy Father, this beloved son of mine who is shedding upon the Church the light which comes from my Heart, I encourage you all and bless you.”

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