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Marian Movement of Priests – Cenacle

You may be wondering what MMP or the Marian Movement of Priests is. You may also be wondering how a movement that is seemingly for priests is for lay individuals as well.  How does MMP and the recitation of the Cenacle relate to both religious and lay people? How does being a member of MMP influence religious vocation and family life?

I asked three members, Monsignor Pagulayan, Mr. Manny N. and Mrs. Lina M., Marian Movement of Priests members to answer these questions for us.

Monsignor Pagulayan:

I belong to a Marian group called the Marian Movement of Priests (MMP). Our Lady, through her messages given by interior locutions to Fr. Stefano Gobbi, an Italian priest, wants primarily to gather us priests and eventually the laity into what she calls a cohort who she would prepare for the tribulations to come when Jesus comes in glory.

Together, we are called to pray the rosary and to consecrate ourselves to her Immaculate Heart for a second Pentecost just as the apostles gathered in the Cenacle of Jerusalem for the coming of the Holy Spirit as promised by her Son. Hence, the name Cenacle Group. Members pray the rosary, make the act of consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for the Holy Father in fidelity to the Church and the hierarchy united with him. It is in reading a message in the blue book of gathered messages called, To the Priest, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons, and sharing on significant points that Our Lady forms in her way those who do the “Cenacle”.

As a priest, I have been involved in the MMP since 2004. At first it was out of curiosity but gradually I found that I made great efforts to attend every invitation extended to me. I used to get involved in big projects as a parish priest and in various areas of the ministry but involvement in MMP was different. I was being drawn to it. The recitation of the rosary became meaningful. The consecration became for me a renewal of commitment to my dignity in baptism as a son of Mother Mary and as a priest very dear to her heart. I gradually realized that things became different because it was done with priests. Sharing became exciting as it was done with priests and the zeal to share the experience with other priests and the laity became an overriding concern in my engagements.

I learned to look at myself from the persective of Mother Mary’s lowliness and to let her lead my way. I realized how much time I lost in my ministry in planning activities rather than in leading others in prayer and holiness of lives. I thank Our Lady for leading me to MMP, for helping me rediscover her love and her care in all facets of my life especially as a priest. I still see myself a sinner but I am constantly consoled and guided by her example and encouraged by her humility, simplicity and docity, and her offer of refuge in her Immaculate Heart.

Mr. Manny N:

The MMP is not just any Marian Movement. What makes it unique is its spirituality which can be summed up in the consecration prayer that is repeatedly said and subscribed to by all its members.

The lay or the faithful have to be included in the MMP way of life because it is us that the priests are asked to guide into consecration to the Immaculate Heart and as the preparation of the second coming of Jesus is directed to the entire church, both religious and laity must be prepared.

We consecrate ourselves in a very special way to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, our sure refuge from the glitters, catcalls, and come-ons of the world at large. When we do the Cenacle, we actually do the act of seeking refuge in her Immaculate Heart, a respite from our busy schedules and materialistic endeavors and go into a different atmosphere of prayer and fraternity, of sharing and love for one another.

Our lives definitely have changed drastically because of the Cenacles we do. We feel secure and know that the Blessed Mother is indeed guiding our lives. Since we have abandoned our fate to the Blessed Mother, we know now that we would be guided everytime. All who are consecrated to her Immaculate Heart would enjoy the blessings and graces without asking or requesting these from her.

Many times we have proven the power of the Holy Rosary and continuous prayer in the face of difficulties do have miraculous results. We are more prepared now in humility, lowliness, simplicity, and total docility to the will of the Father for us, accepting our roles in life in silence, even if this means our crosses are heavy, knowing that such is the will of the Father for us.

Mrs. Lina M.:

Being a member of the MMP Cenacle Group is a blessing. Men and women from different places,  with varying ages and in different stages of life are all united because of their love and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a beautiful.

I have been quite active in building and strengthening my faith through participation in various groups but the Cenacle is, to me, very special because I feel that I am in a mutual relationship with the Blessed Mother. After the consecration to her Immaculate Heart, we read a message from her in the blue book and the message fills me with love, hope, courage, and happiness. She talks to me through her messages and directs me, my life, in a path that most pleases her Son. We consecrate ourselves to her Immaculate Heart and in this consecration, we promise to stand by her and protect, through our faith and devotion, all that are dear to her; the Pope, the Priests, the Church, and all her children.

It is very important to have a prayer life. Members of the Marian Movement of Priests value the time we spend in prayer.  We find that we help each other develop stronger prayer habits and provide each other spiritual support during our gatherings.  We pray for each other and through the intercession of the Blessed Mother, grow deeper in our relationship with her Son, Jesus Christ. We strengthen each other’s resolve to live our lives daily in unity with the Blessed Mother, humble and always accepting the will of the Father.

This prayer life continuous and pours into our families. Our families become increasingly aware of the power and meaning of prayer. Through our prayers, we keep ourselves always near to God and Blessed Mother.  Through our prayers, we become a family strong in faith and strengthened by God and Mary’s Immaculate Heart.

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