A Present for the Infant Jesus


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”, says the lyrics of one of the most popular Christmas songs. It is difficult to argue that it isn’t so. Beyond the merry making, the lights, the feasts, and the presents, we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That in itself makes December beautiful and meaningful!

We are all invited to participate in this profound mystery of Christmas and so like the 3 Wise Men offering gifts, what do we have to offer the Baby Jesus?

As I searched within myself, my talents, my skills, my roles, my life, I realized that the best gift that I can offer Jesus is my motherly heart. This is not because I see myself to exemplary, on the contrary, I always seek guidance from the Blessed Mother because I am in need of her to do this job well. I offer my motherhood because it is something that I perform with pure love and humilty. Never have I had the desire to excel at anything more than being the mother that my children deserve without asking anything in return only that they grow up to be happy and healthy. Being a mother is the most selfless part of being me.

I pray that Jesus accepts my motherly heart with all it’s imperfections but within it the greatest love it has for the children he has blessed me with and finds joy in finding my heart’s capacity to love unconditionally.

May we offer the best of ourselves to Jesus, who has given all of Himself to us. Have a Blessed and Holy Christmas!

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