An Omnipresent God’s Gift of Now

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Can you imagine a being that is able to be present everywhere at the same time eternally?  Modern society can easily associate this kind of ability as belonging to a superhero… suited for one of a multitude of characters from Marvel or Dc Comics. They may even contest that there are cooler and more useful superpowers than it such as flying, supersonic hearing, the ability to climb walls, or teleportation to name a few.

Each superhero has very distinct skills and talents to fight the evil of their day, but they are all fictional characters written by talented writers with a flair for imagination. To be Omnipresent belongs not to the creation of man, but the Creator of man. While superheroes discover how their powers can be used to help conquer evils, God’s nature as being omnipresent was there before evil entered the world. By His very nature, He is omnipresent not for the sake of anything or is who He is.

If we want to know ourselves fully well than we must learn who created us and who He made us to be. So the question arises, if the one true God is omnipresent then what are humans? How are we to exist in time? Unlike God who is always present, we are not. He made us to be in the “now” of time.

We had a beginning and we have a future with Him forever, but we can only exist right this very moment. In Isaiah 43:18, we are reminded by God of how we are to live in relation to time,”Remember not the events of the past” and Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:34, “Do not worry about tomorrow; tomorrow will take care of itself.”

When we try to live in either the past or future for which we were not made to exist then this is where our anxiety, stresses, disappointments, nostalgia, handicaps, and fears come from. Many are robbed of the full joy given by Christ by attempting to live omnipresent like God, though not a true omnipresence but a false one. We cannot fully experience life in any dimension in time but right now.

So how can we practice being present in the moment? This brings me to the recitation of the Holy Rosary. This is a wonderful prayerful tool that brings us to the present moment while connecting us with the timelessness of God and with His mother and the saints. Receiving Eucharistic Jesus is another way to be present. Being intentional about gratitude, being kind, loving, and merciful are all good ways to be in present moment. How will you practice living the truth that God has revealed in your life right now?

By Mom Contributor

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