Feast of the Assumption: Food for Thought

Today, we celebrate the Feast of the Assumption. For many, we imagine this famous image where the Blessed Mother ascends into heaven with the angels transporting her to the clouds above and below her, she is bid farewell by the apostles.

There was an image that caught my attention from our recent trip to Rome where the Blessed Mother is in bed and looks to have simply fallen asleep. Rather than describing this scene as her passing into eternal life, they call this , “Our Blessed Mother’s Sleep”.

An Image from the Vatican Museum

During mass today, the priest mentioned our Blessed Mother’s sleep and how she welcomed her time to enter heaven in peace. He says, “The Blessed Mother had a deep relationship with God that her assumption into heaven was simply a continuation of a life she had already lived during her earthly existence. Her life was already in communion with God.” He then, asks the question, “How are you living your life today?”

A good question to think about right? He then closes by saying, “The way we see death depends on how we lived our lives.”

May the Blessed Mother bless us today, inspire us to live a life focused on God, and may her assumption into heaven remind us of the joy that awaits us in God’s heavenly Kingdom. Amen.

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