Dealing with Loss through My Daughter’s Eyes


My Father-in-law had been diagnosed with Dementia not long after my husband and I got married. The illness progressed so quickly that although he had his memories and was able to comprehend what was happening around him, he began to loose his gross motor and fine motor functions. No sooner was he in a wheel chair.

For several years, we saw his health decline and year after year, when we would visit him, my daughter would ask me why her Opa wasn’t walking, wasn’t moving, and eventually wasn’t speaking.

My daughter had become more aware of our Blessed Mother since I started the website. When she would ask me what I was working on, I would respond, “…something for Mama Mary.”

A month or so ago, while out on a walk, she looked up in the sky and wondered if heaven was up there and if Mama Mary and the angels lived there.  She asked if they had a cloud for themselves and if it’s very nice there. I answered yes to all her questions and she asked me if she could go and visit heaven. I said, “We have to be good here on earth first and then perhaps one day, we will get our invitation to go there.” She said, “I know what our invitation would say. Welcome! This is a special day. Mama Mary is inviting you to heaven. Love, Jesus”

On June 1, Opa passed away.  I told her that Opa received his invitation to heaven and Mama Mary picked him up and took him to God. She said, “I will miss Opa very much.” She then asked, if he was happy there, if he was walking there, speaking, and dancing there again. I responded, “Absolutely! Opa is very happy there.”  She smiled and was happy for her Opa.

My daughter, with her four year old wisdom, taught me a great life lesson.

“Despite the overwhelming sadness, there is happiness in loosing someone to God for they are not really lost but have returned home. There is no greater happiness that can be found here on earth that can compare to the life God has prepared for us in His Kingdom.  There, we are whole again!”

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