Not so long ago, I was a child: Reflections from Our Youth Contributors


When the word “childhood” pops up, a lot of things run through my mind like cartoons, fun, freedom, and being spoiled by the people that surround me. (Laughs) Kidding aside, childhood reminds me of the days when life was easy and I had nothing to worry about. I was able to laze around and relax. It’s really strange how your childhood sort of feels like forever and then suddenly you’re 18 and you realize it’s almost over. One day you wake up and you’re almost an adult. You want to move on and start the next chapter of your life but you know that it means saying good bye to a life you’ve loved.

I appreciate my childhood because I was and still am surrounded by the people who saw me crawl and walk, taught me how talk, act and pray. All that I am right now is because of the continuous support and guidance of these people. Without them I am lost.

The world is chaotic, it will either make you or break you, your faith will be tested, the world will try to disarm you and make you go astray. At my age, life experience has taught me a great deal of things. When it gets too hard, there are times that I wish I could go back to being a kid. Being 19, there is still much for me to learn and experience but I’m really grateful for the childhood that I had because my parents taught me to pray and to put my faith and trust in God because in him, I have everything. Nothing is impossible with God, in the words of St. Candida Maria de Jesus, “in Jesus to do Los tenemos” (in Jesus we have everything). Being raised in a religious family and nurtured in a Catholic school, my life revolves around Him.

There was a time that I almost lost my faith and almost lost my way but you know what made me strong? My childhood prayer that I still remember which is the guardian angel prayer. In today’s fast paced world, we sometimes forget to remember where we came from, we forget the things that were taught to us by the people that care for us and later realize that there were right.  It’s good to listen to them and pay attention.

By Liza Ledesma

Childhood is the most precious stage of a person’s life, all of our greatest moments may it be sad, embarrassing, joyful, unforgettable, and surprising can be forever remembered by the heart. As a teenager who was once a child, I can say that being a child was never easy. Due to our voluntary instincts and hardheadedness, we are often scolded by our parents and at most times we were being dealt through disciplinary action in order for us to learn our lesson to never repeat the same mistakes. But still the same things happen most of the time; I mean what can they do? We were just a kid after all. Still, our parents never got tired of reminding us of what is right from wrong most especially our own mother. Like Mama Mary, when she got worried that her child Jesus suddenly disappeared and was nowhere to be found. After finding Him at the Temple, she told Jesus that the next time He wants to go to the Temple, He should ask permission or least tell Mama Mary where He was so that she wouldn’t get worried about where to find Him.

My story about my childhood on the other hand is well…a bit sad. To begin with, I grew up with a grudge buried deep within my heart for my parents but most especially toward my mother. I have come to realize some things through this experience. To my fellow teenagers, I advise you not to hold any grudge against your parents. What they do for you is out of genuine love thinking of what is best for you. You might think that just because they are mad they already hate you. Who knows that after your fight with them while you sleep so peacefully they are silently regretting what they said and is hurting deep within. Yes you are hurt by their words but did it even occur to you that it hurts them more? I know not all parents are what I have described because I know that everyone has their own story to tell but still, instead of holding a grudge toward them, thank them for everything they have done for you whether it may be good or bad because what they did still molded you into a better person.

By Dygelyn Fuentes

Childhood is a really important part in someone’s life because it shapes who they are. That’s where everything begins. I can say my childhood was fun, though not perfect. It was just so peaceful. I never really cared about anything. Nothing really hurts than the wounds I get from falling down the ground. Money wasn’t a problem or when I have a fight with my friends, we easily reconciled after hours and played again just like nothing happened. I felt like everything was perfect. And that’s the sad part because it’s not true. Life isn’t perfect. I was never prepared or nobody told me that life was so hard. When the day came that I understood what’s really happening came, I was so lost and confused. Everything was a mess. I got hurt not physically but emotionally which heals longer than physical wounds does. I learned that one can never really survive without money. As I grow older, I lost a lot of friends too. But after all, I am still very thankful for having an amazing childhood. Every time I am facing a problem, I just think of my childhood and it makes me smile. I learned from my childhood that every time I fall, even if it hurts so much, I need to stand again in order to become better. There are some that might have rough childhoods but I know it made them strong. Childhood is a really huge influence in a man’s life.

By Kireill Gimotea


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