Father’s Day Prayer to God the Father and Blessing for All Fathers



God the Father, today we celebrate your Fatherhood. You are the alpha and the omega, our omnipotent and all powerful Creator yet amidst your greatness, there is a softness, a tenderness in you, a sweet gentlenesss towards your children.

You manifested this when you chose to be among us through your Son, Jesus. You wanted us to know you, to witness your love, and to see the lengths you are willing to sacrifice in order for us to be, one day, united with you in your heavenly kingdom. We must only gaze at the Holy Cross to see what true love is.  Thank you Father.

We pray for all the fathers who strive to love like you, greatly and truly. Bless them as they strive to keep you in the center of their homes, to live their lives as a testament to you Fatherly goodness, and as they labor to provide for their families needs, make available for them the graces they need as you did St. Joseph.

Also, we remember the fathers who have gone before us. Grant them eternal happiness and peace Dear God. Let their love remain strong and their memory live on with their families and loved ones always. Amen.


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