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The Blessed Mother, Great Anticipator of Our Needs


Before we are born it is the mother who has an intimate sense of the movements in her womb, paying keen attention to the signs that would mark the health of her baby and the beginnings of labor. It is also the good mother, that after giving birth , tends to her infant and children with an innate sense of how to best care for them. The mother is the voice of the infant who cannot speak yet ,the advocate and protector of the child who still lacks understanding to make prudent and wise decisions, hers is the voice of the teenager who cries out to heaven for mercy and guidance in their formation, the voice that prays for graces and providence for even her adult children outside her immediate care. One word sticks out in my mind when I contemplate this aspect or nature of motherhood and that is: Anticipator.

A mother is an anticipator of her children’s needs. This is exactly who Mother Mary is, she is the Great Anticipator. Her graces flow to us through this trait.  It was through her anticipating the needs of her Son that she found a place to rest and give birth, the courage to migrate to Egypt on short notice, to be present at the cross for His consolation, and then to be full of trust as she witnessed His ressurection.

Another example of this wonderful nature of Mother Mary is when she anticipated the needs of the bride and groom at the wedding feast of Cana which led to the first miracle of Jesus turning water into the finest wine. The outcome of inviting the mother of God to the many “Cana’s” of your life are providence, miracles , and graces. God wants to fill our lives with good things that have become empty at times, like the wine vessel at Cana. We often do not receive His full blessings because of our own blindness to our needs and awareness and that is why God gave us His mother. Like infants we must trust our Blessed Mother , she knows what we need, she goes directly to the one who can fulfill them. She is the great anticipator.

By Mom Contributor

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