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Mother’s Day Prayer to Our Blessed Mother and Blessing for All Mothers


Blessed Mother, today we celebrate your Motherhood. You are the mother of God and the mother of all. How fortunate are we to be called your children. You have been for us a true definition of what maternal love means; compassionate, generous, merciful, unconditional, all that God would have wanted us to feel but through you, a woman, a mother.

Bless all mothers who in their everyday labor of love for their families, most especially their children whom you have entrusted to them, strive to do their very best and look upon you as their guide.  Turn always your loving gaze on these mothers and pour unto them the same graces you possess as the Mother of God in order for them to raise their children in a manner that is pleasing to our Heavenly Father.

Bless all women who fulfill motherly roles in the lives of children and people around them.  See their hearts full of compassion and care.  Shine your light upon them and give them the strength to continue their vocation of giving love where love is needed.

Bless all mothers who have gone before us to your heavenly kingdom. They are very much missed but their love remains in our hearts and in those whose lives they’ve touched. We are grateful for their dedication to motherhood and to family life and we pray that they are with you in eternal peace and happiness.

We thank you Blessed Mother, today and for everyday that your motherly love fill us with joy, hope, and strength. Remain with us always as we endeavor to remain always with you, your loving and faithful children. Amen.


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