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Mary, Mother of the Church


On March 3, 2018,  the Vatican announced Pope Francis’ decision that the Blessed Mother’s role as “Mother of the Church“ be celebrated every year on the Monday after Pentecost. This year, the feast day is on May 21.

 The Marian title was given by Pope Paul VI on November 21, 1964.
Pope Paul VI, in his homily at the third session of the 2nd Vatican Council, proclaimed ‘’Mary as Mother of the Church’’… The two most salient reasons for this are: first, Mary is the MOTHER OF THE HEAD OF THE MYSTICAL BODY – THE CHURCH WHO IS JESUS.. AND THUS IF SHE IS, THEN SHE TOO IS THE MOTHER OF THE BODY, THE CHURCH, ALTHOUGH AT THE SAME TIME A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH HERSELF…(Rememner that the Blessed Mother is the first apostle of Jesus.) … Second, because of the words of Jesus, giving Mary charge of John and vice versa at the foot of the cross…’’Woman, your son… Son, your Mother.’’
As if confirming her role as Mother of the ENTIRE CHURCH and HUMANITY, the Blessed Virgin Mother divulges: ‘’I was chosen by the Most Holy Trinity to become the Mother of the Word, who became incarnate in my virginal womb. And thus I have given you my Son Jesus. His first coming among you took place in poverty, in humility, and in suffering, because Jesus wanted to assume the limitations, the misery and the weakness of our human nature. And so my motherly action was carried out in silence, in prayer, in hiddenness and in humility.’’ (Msg 438) This refers to the first coming of Jesus reminisced by the Church at Christmas. Significantly, this is called the FIRST ADVENT… I mention this here as preparatory for the next task which has been given to the Blessed Mother…
The following task given to the Blessed Mary Ever Virgin, supports her stature, her role, to the heavenly beings…’’I was chosen by the Most Holy Trinity to become the Mother of the Second Advent, and thus my motherly task is that of preparing the Church and the whole of Humanity to receive Jesus, who is returning to you in glory…’’ as king and judge…(Msg 438)
We are in the period of the SECOND ADVENT… a period of preparation for the second coming of Jesus in glory at the end of time… The second advent is the period from NOW until He comes again…
As our Mother, it is her task to prepare everyone, the Church, her beloved daughter (Msg 547), forming the priests and bishops to be united and to ‘’represent her presence’’ so that this beloved daughter of hers – the Church becomes the NEW CHURCH… towards the Salvation of the Whole World, its conversion back to God…
Please note that she repeatedly calls the Church her beloved Daughter…
‘’…Open your hearts to hope, because I am the MOTHER OF ALL THE CHURCH… In the course of the years, I have always been close to this BELOVED DAUGHTER of mine, with the anxious concern and the tenderness of my motherly love. I am especially close to the Church in these last times, when she must live through the bloody hour of her purification and of the great tribulation… This most beloved daughter of mine will be stricken and wounded, betrayed and despoiled, abandoned and led to the gibbet, where she will be crucified….(Msg 510)
Through the Cenacle, the Blessed Mother provides a sure refuge for all her children: Her Immaculate Heart where she prays with us, in the Holy Rosary, in fraternal brotherhood of sharing… putting us in the world but not of the world…
She prepares us and calls us to her Luminous Path (Msg 347 and 260) where she teaches interior penance (mustering interior passions and impulsive reactions, pride towards total docility); silent penance (carrying our crosses in silence, accepting our daily roles in life knowing that such represent the will of the Father for us.); exterior penance (mustering or mortifying our senses (eyes, tongue, taste, ears from the lures of the world)
As a concerned Mother of the Church and of Humanity, she gives us her ‘’school of Mary’’ … Messages contained in the Blue Book, ‘’To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons’’ (Msg 282 and 297). The only way we learn through them is to get to know the gist of her message, each time we choose one, during a Cenacle. And from there, we are taught what her message for the group would be for that Cenacle. ‘’Allow me to form you through my messages…’’
We realize then, that the Cenacles are indeed the way of the Mother to reach out to her children, the Church and the whole of Humanity, so that they would listen and be formed by her…. As a concluding note, let us harken to her words…
‘’Beloved sons, do not close your hearts to my words…THE PLAN OF THE FATHER HAS MADE MUCH OF WHAT AWAITS YOU DEPEND ON WHETHER MY WORDS ARE HARKENED TO OR REJECTED. The purification can still be set back or shortened. MUCH SUFFERING CAN STILL BE SPARED YOU.’’ (Msg 110)

It is really up to us to respond to her calls…. As she says, the fate that awaits us beyond this world has been made dependent by the Father on how we respond to her calls…And this all began at Fatima, 55 years ago, an initiative of mercy of the Father.. The Father has not given up on the Church and Humanity… yet…and so the Cenacle — a secure Refuge offered in the Immaculate Heart of Mary as we languish and are exposed to the lures, the glitters and catcalls of a darkened world. Amen.


By Manny Nolasco, Contributor



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