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This Month: Our Blessed Mother’s Motherhood


When a child is born, the mother is also born. The woman existed but the mother, never. The mother is absolutely new. – Rajneesh

I am not speaking in behalf of all mothers but that quote from Rajneesh rang very true to me. I was certain that I was ready to be a mother but when I gave birth and saw my baby daughter for the very first time, only then did the seriousness of my role come to me.

I thought…..She is my child. She is dependent on me. She needs me now with her most basic needs but she will continue to need me for the rest of her life and I, without a How to be The Best Mom Degree, need to be there for her physically, emotionally, and spiritually with a 100% performance level. I am her mother. That is who I have become and forever will be.

After those thoughts came rushing to my head, I said, “Oh God, help me. Mama Mary, how do I do this?“

Four years later and another child after, I am still asking God and the Blessed Mother for guidance.  This responsibility, this title of being a mother, is no easy task. I recognize that in order for me to be anywhere close to having a motherhood performance level of 100% or to simply meet acceptable standards, I must ask our Blessed Mother’s intercession. I need to look upon her for inspiration, the Holy Family as a model for my family, and to pray fervently for motherly virtues. When I fail in my ability to understand, to be patient, to be how the Blessed Mother would be towards little Jesus, I hold on to her even more.

And so for the month of May, Moms for Mary celebrates Motherhood and most especially, Our Blessed Mother’s. Together, let’s appreciate her motherly love for all of us, recognize her role as Mother of God, Mother of the Church and Our Mother.  Also, we celebrate our earthly mothers who represented God‘s love for us from the moment of our conception and everyday since.

I feel very blessed to have been given this title of mother as I share it with the Blessed Virgin Mary and although my motherhood is miles and great distances (galaxies and beyond) compared to her Divine Motherhood, I travel this journey with her by my side. I am her student and She is the Best Teacher any mother can have!

God Bless Us All!

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