Easter Reflection

Here we are, Easter Sunday, the day that we celebrate the Glorious Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Praise be to God!

To arrive at this joyous celebration, Our Lord suffered immensely for love of us and we, as sorrowful sons and daughters, lamented and united ourselves in His suffering through simple yet heartfelt acts of kindness and charity, prayer, reflection, fasting, and penance.

I was watching the Divine Mercy Stations of the Cross with my daughter in EWTN and while the stations were being shown, I had to explain to her what was happening.  She had so many questions and wonderings. Let me share them with you:

1. Why is Jesus doing that?

2. Why is His cross so heavy?

3. Why aren’t they helping Him?

4. Are those people hurting Him bad?

and a comment: “I don’t think this is a good story Mama.”

As I responded to her questions in a very age appropriate way, I couldn’t help but reflect on my role in the Lord’s Passion.

See, my grown up response to this is:  Jesus is doing this for me. His cross is heavy because for every sinful act I commit, I add more weight on His shoulders. I am guilty of not helping Him because when I sin, I look away from Him and pretend not to see His suffering. I am no different from the people who’ve hurt Him in the passion story therefore yes, they are bad and I am too.

Then the comment: It doesn’t look like a good story but it’s the best love story ever!

Because of this story, you and I are here today, ready to be welcomed by Our Heavenly Father in His Kingdom. There is no longer a trace of the past, there is only today.  We are renewed, reborn! Today, Jesus comes to share His joy, His triumph, His unconditional love. How fortunate are we to be loved this way!

So how about tomorrow? Let’s pray that our Lenten journey remains with us, that we not add to the weight of His cross by doing our best to be worthy of His love and by choosing to be good even when it is difficult, and finally, that we always remember this beautiful love story and to gaze thankfully, lovingly at the Crucifix.

Happy Easter! God Bless Us All!