My Marian Story

I just can’t thank her enough….

My relationship with Mama Mary started very early in my life. Being raised in a Catholic household and educated in Catholic Schools, I knew very well her special role in our family and in the Church.  My devotion to her came later though. I was nearly in college when my mom introduced me to Our Lady of Guadalupe and henceforth, I was a devotee. I let her in my life and she kept me in her arms.

In all my life’s ups and downs, whether as a single person or now as a spouse and mother, she has been my anchor, a shoulder to cry on for both tears of sorrow and of joy.  I simply needed to call on her, to acknowledge her presence, and even when I forget to do so because I am weak and allow negativity to take over me, she finds a way to strengthen me, to guide me, to show me she loves me.

In all my unworthiness, she has loved me unconditionally that is why it came to me on February 13, one day before Valentine’s Day to begin this website. I just can’t thank her enough. As I try my best to be the person God wants me to be everyday, to be the spouse and mother that would inspire a faith-filled home, I hope to bear witness to Mama Mary’s love for all of us and to be inspired by all of you to keep going, to keep praying, and  to keep strong!

~ Katrina S.